UK/UH 2019 | 22. – 24. 11. 2019


Following the last festival theme of “The Troubles”, this year’s edition will focus on Swinging London and Swinging Sixties.

The terms cover the decade of the 1960s in Great Britain that had a significant socio-cultural impact on the following years. In those days, the loosening grip of conservatism and the arrival of sexual revolution encouraged people in pursuing delights.

The 1960s liberalization and the blossoming of consumer society prepared the ground for a youth-driven cultural revolution. Young people identified with pop music, they shopped in newly opened boutiques and often consumed drugs and practiced free love. London became a place of endless fun. No one cared about your social class, what mattered the most was your style. Many young people railed against traditions and authorities. These and many other aspects of the 1960s zeitgeist, both positive and negative, will be explored through the critics’ and audience selection of the most popular swinging films.


As usual, there will also be some special screenings of the latest British films, prepremieres of the films that go on general release but also some utterly unique screenings.