Festival Programming

2019 Festival Programming

Following the last festival topic of “The Troubles”, this year’s edition will deal with the theme of Swinging London and Swinging Sixties, the decade of the 1960s in Great Britain that had a significant socio-cultural impact on the upcoming years. The loosening grip of conservatism and the arrival of sexual revolution encouraged people in pursuing delights. London became a place of endless fun. These and many other aspects of the 1960s zeitgeist, both positive and negative, will be explored through the critics’ and audience selection of the most popular swinging films. You will most likely see Smashing Time, Privilege, Performance, Bronco Bullfrog, Darling and many others. As usual, there will also be some special screenings of the latest British films, prepremieres of the films that go on general release or utterly unique screenings.

“It is said that Swinging London gave birth to good music rather than good films. Be it true or not, music will be a crucial topic for most of the featured films, for some of them even central. While some films depict the social liberalization pretty straightforwardly, other pose the timeless question whether consumerism and hedonism can be the true meaning of life. The selection of films has been designed to target both experts and broad audience,” says Jaromír Orel, a curator of the main section.