Days of British film
and culture

Uherské Hradiště
23–26 11 2017

Programming concept

Our major goal was to create an event that is based on a clearly comprehensible programme, anchored in two main programme sections, and enhanced with a varied offprogramme and theme-related guests.

2017 Programming concept

As a follow-up to the last year’s section, dedicated to the postcolonial British film, we proceed with an introduction of one of the United Kingdom’s social historical phenomena. The Troubles (Na Trioblóidí in Irish, Nepokoje in Czech) is an apt term referring to the conflict that occurred in Northern Ireland between the 1960s and 1990s and affected both Great Britain and Ireland. These political, ethnical and religious clashes (Unionists + Protestants + pro-British vs. Republican + Catholic + pro-Irish) claimed around 3,500 dead and 50,000 wounded and could hardly be left unnoticed by filmmakers.

Jan Jílek, a UK/UH chief programmer, comments on the selection of films: “British cinematography reflected on The Troubles mainly in the 1980s. The way how these films were produced and received by the audience tells us something about the complexity of the whole situation, about the mutual interconnection of both sides of the conflict. Many films were made in British-Irish coproduction. Some of them were directed by Irish filmmakers residing in Britain, some of them by the Brits living in Ireland. We would like to provide the audience with a basic overview of how The Troubles were interpreted in film, laying emphasis on its development throughout the history and on the diversity of attitudes and genres. The selection counts several iconic movies, such as Neil Jordan’s Crying Game or Hunger by Steve McQueen, alongside with the lesser-known related features and documentaries.”

Furthermore, the UK/UH programme will present the latest UK film releases – the most interesting British films that has not appeared in the Czech film distribution or coming to Czech cinemas in 2018. These films were carefully selected at the biggest international film festivals and include Oasis: Supersonic, Churchill, God’s Own Country and many others.

Chief Programmer

The primary responsibility for the UK/UH programme lies with Jan Jílek, who has been a leading programme curator of Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště since 2008 and an acquisition coordinator in Association of Czech Film Clubs since 2011. Jílek worked at Palackého University in Olomouc where he also received his doctoral degree in 2016 with a thesis on the theory of perception of art and film images. He collaborated with a number of Czech film festivals (Academia Film Olomouc, Festival of Film Animation Olomouc, CineBenelux).

Jan Jílek