Days of British film
and culture

Uherské Hradiště
23–26 11 2017

Off Programme (2016)

It is not just the films that are served at UK/UH. The festival provides platform to manifold off-programme activities and artistic performances that are linked to the British culture – concerts, lectures, theatre performances, discussions, art exhibitions, tea parties. All in an informal and friendly atmosphere!

→ British Drama in Slovácké Theatre
→ Visual Art
Lectures and Discussions



Tomáš Mikulec

FRI 25. 11. | 7.30pm | Hvězda kafe

Promising young singer, guitar player and exceptional vocalist Tomáš Mikulec from Veselí nad Moravou will liven up an informal opening ceremony in the cinema lobby.


Alasdair Bouch – solo

SAT 26. 11. | 7.00pm | Hvězda kafe

Alasdair Bouch is a British singer-songwriter with a 25-year-long experience as a frontman. For the past seven years he has been a full-time musician with a distinctive style in which he blends alternative-folk, melodic rock, and hard blues. Alasdair is always on the road and rewrites his travel experience into the songs.

British Drama in Slovácké Theatre


Noises Off (Bez roucha)

THU 24. 11. | 7.00pm | Slovácké Theatre

Author Michael Frayn
Director | Šimon Dominik

Making theatre is pretty much an ordeal. You've got to go through the right door every time you enter the stage, remember when you are supposed to exit the scene with the newspapers, leaving a plate of sardines on the table, and when the other way around. All that amid of a group of perplexed co-actors and with a choleric director barking commands at you. In his hilarious comedy, Michael Frayn lets us look what goes on behind the scene during rehearsals. More

Visual Art


London Through the Eyes of Miloň Novotný (exhibition opening)

FRI 25. 11. | 7.30pm | Hvězda Cinema lobby

David Sladek is a Czech independent photojournalist living in London. A former reporter for the Czech News Agency. Since moving to London more than a decade ago he has been focusing his photographic work on life of minorities and subcultures in England.

In 2015 he started working on his largest project to date – Unspoken Genocide – capturing memories and emotions of survivors of WW2 genocide in the fascist Independent State of Croatia. Among his other topics are the phenomenon of British car boot sales and recent rise of demonstrations in London. He is a keen advocate of black and white and street photography.


London Through the Eyes of Daniel Šperl (exhibition opening)

FRI 25. 11. | 7.30pm | Hvězda Cinema lobby

Daniel Šperl's Website

Daniel Šperl was born on April 12, 1966 in Tábor. He was attracted to photography by his father. In 1982 he became a member of Ekran photographic group in Tábor that provided space for his first regular exhibitions. He studied photography at the Art Photography Institute run by the Association of Czech Photographers from 1986 to 1990 and gained master degree from FAMU, Faculty of Photography in 1999. He specializes in black and white photography, publishes within the Czech Republic and abroad. For many years, Šperl was represented by Leica Gallery Prague. He currently lives in Prague and works as a television and film director of photography.

Lectures and Discussions


Claire Chambers: British Muslims and Film Comedy

SAT 26. 11. | 2.30pm | Hvězda Cinema

Claire Chambers is a leading expert on postcolonial film and literature, namely on the artistic depictions of Muslims living in Great Britain. Chambers studied at University of Newcastle upon Tyne, she tutored in Leeds (Leeds Beckett University and University of Leeds) and currently is a Senior Lecturer at the University of York. She is an author of several monographs dealing with the British Muslim literature including the studies on Bengali writer Amitav Gosh. She also worked at a university in Pakistani Peshawar. Chambers will give an expert introduction to some of the UK/UH films and will hold a special lecture on the portrayal of British Muslims in the British comedy.



British Style Sunday Lunch

SUN 27. 11. | 1.00–5.00pm | Hvězda Cinema lobby

A traditional English dish – Indian curry – will be served in the lobby of Hvězda Cinema on Sunday. ;-)


Flea Market (Special British Edition II.)

SUN 27. 11. | 1.00–5.00pm | Hvězda Cinema lobby

UH Flea Market Facebook Pages

Special British edition of the regular UH Flea Market will be held during UK/UH. The stallholders are already poking about in the attic to see if they find anything that's shabby British flea-market style – clothes, books, magazines, video tapes, toys, etc.


Dílna animace

NE 27. 11. | 14:00–17:00 | Kino Hvězda, Dětský filmový ateliér

Komu jsou dílny animace určeny?

dětem ve věku 6-14 let především (mohou se ale zúčastnit i starší zájemci nebo rodiče)

Co se na dílně animace naučíte?

Na dílně se věnujeme výhradně ruční technice animace. Využijete zde své kreativity k vytvoření krátkého animovaného filmečku.

Více info ZDE.