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Off Programme / UK/UH

Off Programme

It is not just the films that are served at the UK/UH. There will also be many off-programme activities and artistic performances – concerts, lectures, theatre performances, discussions, art exhibitions, tea parties.

→ Visual Art
Lectures and Discussions


Tom Oakland (UK/CZ) + Martin Binder (CZ)

Friday 22. 11. | 9:00 pm | Cafe Portal

Pure foreign folk, country and blues charged with the rock'n'roll energy that will surely impress all fans of Bob Dylan, Glen Hansard, Creedence, Nick Cave or Bruce Springsteen. Tom Oakland is a half-British, half-Czech singer, busker and a member of Ukulele Orchestra jako Brno or Dead-End Co. bands. He mainly focuses on his solo career, travelling, busking and writing lyrics and poetry, drawing inspiration from his British and Czech roots. Martin Binder will offer heart-breaking songs, deep voice and guitar accompaniment. His English songs stand somewhere between Americana, Alt-Country and Folk while his lyrics reflect on love and finding one’s inner peace.

Swinging Sixties Music Party

Saturday 23. 11. | 10:00 pm | Hvězda Cinema (lobby)

The screening of related music videos with some great food and drinks. Popular 60s floor fillers ranging from pop over to hard rock. Come whoop it up!

Visual Art

David Sládek: Into the Streets

Friday 22. 11. | 8:00 pm | Exhibition Opening | Hvězda Cinema (lobby)

David Sládek is a Czech independent photo-journalist living in London who formerly worked for the Czech News Agency. About ten years ago, he moved to London where he mainly focuses on Britain’s minorities and subcultures.

For the last three years, Sládek has been attending both small-scale and mass demonstrations to capture their culture and street interactions. Tens of thousands of Brits protesting for better living conditions, against climate change, for better health care system, for and against Brexit and many other issues. David Sládek merged into the crowds and captured hundreds of minor stories not visible in official broadcasting.

Lectures and Discussions

James RM Hunt: Swinging London 

Saturday 23. 11. | 6:45 pm | Hvězda Cinema

James RM Hunt is a multiple award-winning producer, director and archive producer with over 23 years experience in the industry. James now specialises in feature dramas like 'Suffragette' and 'Stan and Ollie' and world wide theatrical release feature documentaries. He spent more than five years on making his documentary 'My Generation’ and not just because of this fact he knows a great deal about the British culture and film. A comprehensive discussion about Swinging London and Swinging Sixties will therefore be fruitful indeed. Come and join us, James knows everything!

Contemporary Britain 

Friday 22. 11. | 6:00 pm | Hvězda Cinema (lobby)

In times of critical discussions about Brexit and the future of the UK, we will hold a moderated discussion on the current events and life in Great Britain. The evening will host David Sádek, a photographer and former journalist currently residing in London, and a number of journalists, foreign correspondents, political scientists and Czechs living in London or Brits living in the Czech Republic. This programme is co-organized with Czech Radio Plus and Prague's British Council.


Sunday Lunch in British Style

Sunday 24. 11. | 1:00–2:00 pm | Hvězda Cinema (lobby)

We will take a peep into the British gastronomy, considered by many as boring. It's not always the case, not even in vegan version. Come and get the taste of Britain!

Flea Market (Special British Edition IV.)

Sunday 24. 11. | 1:00–5:00 pm | Hvězda Cinema (lobby)

UH Flea Market Facebook Page

UK/UH will hold a special British edition of the traditional UH Flea Market. Come rummage through a bunch of books, magazines, clothes, videotapes, toys, pictures and other attic treasures!