Days of British film
and culture

Uherské Hradiště
23–26 11 2017

Off Programme

It is not just the films that are served at UK/UH. The festival provides platform to manifold off-programme activities and artistic performances that are linked to the British culture – concerts, lectures, theatre performances, discussions, art exhibitions, tea parties. All in an informal and friendly atmosphere!

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Lectures and Discussions


James Harries (UK) + support: Mimo (UH)

FRI 24. 11. 9:00 pm | Mír Club

British singer James Harries who currently lives in the Czech Republic has had a year of success. His last year’s album Until the Sky Bends Down released on Transistor label won positive reviews and his song Salvation dominated the TOP 5 radio charts. Harries took part in Nouvelle Prague Showcase, composed a song for the Czech TV series Blue Shadows and made a tour of his native country England. He goes ahead these days and sets out for a tour accompanied with a band and promoting his new music video Shooting Star. Though having performed as a solo artist in previous years, he now embarks on a European tour hosting a large band as well as a number of exclusive guests. An opening concert takes place on October 12, in Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar.   Videoklip Shooting Star:

U2 Desire Revival Band + DJ Terri Hooley

SAT 25. 11. 9:00 pm | Mír Club

U2 Desire Revival Band was founded in 2000 and consists solely of the veteran musicians. It gives concerts all around the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia. The band performs both at local and international festivals and also warms up for other well-known bands such as Scooter, Kryštof, Madrage, Wohnout, Chinaski or Čechomor. U2 Desire Revival Band are known for their musical precision and for the visual stage shows that have always been an essential part of the U2 concerts. In their 17 years of existence, they have managed to gather many positive feedbacks from their fans, critics and agencies and should be definitely counted among the best European U2 revivals.

The DJ mix will be mastered by another festival guest Terri Hooley.

Visual Art

David Sládek: 3ENGLAND – Tři tváře Anglie

David Sládek is a Czech independent photo-journalist living in London. He formerly worked for the Czech News Agency. Ten years ago, he moved to London where he mainly focuses on Britain’s minorities and subcultures.

In 2015, Sládek started to work on his so far the greatest project called Unspoken Genocide capturing memories and emotions of the survivors of Croatian fascist genocide. His further topics include the British car boot sales phenomena or the recent upheaval of London demonstrations. Sládek is one of the propagators of black-and-white and street photography.

Profimedia: Krvavá neděle 
v Londonderry 30. 1. 1972

Events that happened in Northern Ireland 40 years ago affected the country’s future for several upcoming decades. Fourteen Irish protesters were shot in Londonderry by the British soldiers. The so-called Bloody Sunday was a key moment in the conflict between Catholics and Protestants. It was not until 1998 that the riots cooled down.


Lectures and Discussions

Jan Čížek: Imperium strikes back 

From powerful and poor britpop to birth of Arctic Monkeys

Early 1990s. The restored term Cool Britannia marks the majestic imperium with innovated culture led by the youngest Prime Minister Tony Blair. Ondřej Čížek will deliver a lecture on the steep rise and fall of the cultural phenomena called britpop including its politics and visual aspects, the legacy and undying cult of The Stone Roses, Oasis cocaine albums or ferocious Blur. Come to find out who initiated the final doom and who set forth the architecture of the guitar future


British Style Sunday Lunch

SUN 26. 11. | 1.00–2.00pm | Hvězda Cinema lobby

Sunday lunch in traditional English style. Menu will be revealed soon. Get your taste buds ready! ;-)

Flea Market (Special British Edition II.)

SUN 26. 11. | 2.00–5.00pm | Hvězda Cinema lobby

UH Flea Market Facebook Pages

UK/UH will hold a special British edition of the traditional UH Flea Market. Stallholders have already been rummaging through attics, searching for anything that resembles the British car boot and flea market style. Come to buy some old clothes, books, magazines, tapes or toys.